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    Come and visit Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and enjoy its natural beauty, the history, very interesting places, restaurantes, museums, and above all, come and mingle with the people of Broken Arrow; they are very friendly and will be happy to see you here.
    This beautiful community is located on the southeast part of Tulsa County, sharing a portion in western Wagoner County, and it is the largest suburb of Tulsa.
    You can also enjoy the day at the Community Garden at Central Park with delicious food, and fresh vegetables.
    At Broken Arrow, Oklahoma we are also trying to help the Monarch butterflys beacause the population has decreased in an estimated 68% due to the loss of milkweed, fundamental intake for the beautiful Monarch butterfly.
    We have also the Tulsa International Airport where we receive thousands of travelers and gives us the opportunity to show them the OK hospitality.
    Our natural surroundings have shaped our hearts and minds so we enjoy and care for every little aspect of the natural resources that we enjoy every day, and it is reflected in the way we see our community; with gratitude and hard work.
    With almost 100,000 people living in the city, we are the 4th. largest city in Oklahoma. Very agricultural the county, but also friendly and easy to encourage industry, we are the 3rd. largest industry city in the state.
    So, we are very diverse, vibrant and united community where we work hard with integrity fulfilling the American Dream
    At Broken Arrow Cabinets we are ready to work for you and with you in achieving the American dream within your home.
    Give us a call at (918) 940-6721 to make an appointment and talk about your needs and wants, with the assurance that we will work with the best materials and hands on building the custom cabinetry you deserve and also that we will strive to serve you and your family on time and on budget. No job is too big or too smallfor our dedicated craftsmen.
    Thank you.
    Broken Arrow Cabinets in Oklahoma
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